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Date Question Asked: Monday 4th July 2011 10:07
I would be very interested to know the meaning of 'Ley' as in Ley Business Park, Box. Is this to do with local farming?

Date Question Asked: Monday 4th July 2011 10:03
I have come across spas at Holt and Melksham; were there any others in Wiltshire?

Date Question Asked: Monday 4th July 2011 10:03
On a recent visit to Trowbridge I was shown a booklet on Box in the Record Office. I did not note the title so could you let me know what this might have been and how I can obtain a copy, or photocopy, of it?

Date Question Asked: Thursday 16th July 2009 10:43
Can you tell about me the pilgrim symbol above the door of Chapel Plaister? Thank you

Date Question Asked: Thursday 26th April 2007 10:41
What do you have on the history of Alcombe House or Alcombe Manor at Ditteridge, Box.

Date Question Asked: Monday 13th November 2006 09:32
Can you please tell me who owned Hatt House in Box in 1695. Richard Long of Rood Ashton was living there at that time.

Date Question Asked: Tuesday 3rd January 2006 11:14
Is there a list of men killed building Box Tunnel. If so can I see it on-line.

Date Question Asked: Monday 12th December 2005 14:46
I wish to find out about the history of Bell House in Chapel Plaister near Box.

Date Question Asked: Monday 27th June 2005 15:06
We are working on a history project on our church and we wonder whether you have any material on our greatest benefactors Daniel George Bingham (1830-1913) and Jane Bingham-Brain (1832-1922). In 1912/1913 members of Box parish donated a font and ewer to our church. Box was obviously a place with which Mr Bingham was closely connected. We wonder whether this was Box in Gloucestershire or Box in Wiltshire. Our latest official history informs me that it was Box in Wiltshire. But this mistake has been frequently made. D. G. Bingham worked for the Great Western Railway and was inhabitent of Cirencester before he came to the Netherlands. Mrs Bingham-Brain was born in Kelmscott Manor Farm in Oxfordshire. We wonder whether it would be possible to find out more about it. In our archives we found a paper - the "Font Fund" -listing some of the names of the people who donated money to it. It contains amongst others the name of the Rev [Ward?] and Hon. Ms Twistleton. Perhaps you have newspaper reports or photographs about it?

Date Question Asked: Wednesday 24th September 2003 10:56
I have heard a story that Noel Coward used to visit Box. Could you tell me if this is true please.

Date Question Asked: Friday 14th March 2003 10:12
What is the history of the Pepperbox of Pepperbox Hill (South of Alderbury)

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