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Date Question Asked: Saturday 9th July 2011 09:44
Can you tell me anything about Bromham House which was destroyed during the Civil War? I believe a smaller house called Spye House was built at Spye Park, using some of the remains of the original building.

Date Question Asked: Monday 4th July 2011 10:03
Have you any information about the toll road, which is now By-way 17 Heddington and Byway 49 Bromham?

Date Question Asked: Monday 4th July 2011 10:03
My earliest known ancestor was a Wm Bayly b.1530-35, a broadloom weaver, lived in Chittoe (near Westwood), Bishop's Cannings Parish (at that time, now Bromham Parish), Wiltshire. I can find no indication of any of his ancestors in Wiltshire. The Bayly Bayley Baily Bailey Baillie Baylie name is said to have come from Bailleul (West Flanders), then Balliol (as in Balliol College, Oxford)

Date Question Asked: Saturday 5th January 2008 11:47
About 600 to 800 men died at thr Battle of Roundway. Where were they buried?

Date Question Asked: Saturday 30th October 2004 10:45
In the history of Bromham I was wondering if you knew when the houses were built in "yard lane" and the reasons behind the building in such an open area of land.

Date Question Asked: Wednesday 30th July 2003 14:26
What was Sandridge Tower, above Bromham, built as?

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