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Date Question Asked: Monday 4th July 2011 10:07
Ever since doing National Service on Salisbury Plain, I have always wondered when it became reserved for Army training: have you any suggestions please? I don't have access to the internet.

Date Question Asked: Monday 4th July 2011 10:03
What is the history of the old police station and attached houses on Bulford road, Tidworth?

Date Question Asked: Thursday 13th July 2006 14:47
Our names are George and Sam and we live in Limehills, which is at the bottom of the South Island of New Zealand. We are learning about the Bulford Kiwi and are presenting a social studies project on it at The Southland Museum and Art Gallery in Invercargill. Invercargill is the nearest city to us. We have been in contact with Imigen Lee at the British Museum and she suggested we write to The Natural History Museum. Judith Magee from The Natural History Museum has given us your address to write to. We are wondering if you could please help us out with the following information: We are trying to find a copy of the sketch used to make the limestone kiwi which is on the hill at Bulford. We know that at the end of WWI, a man called Percy Blenkarne went to London and sketched the kiwi and then returned to Bulford where a group of New Zealand soldiers carved it into the hill. Our class has got penpals from Kiwi County School and they have given us lots of information and sent us photos of the kiwi and their school. But it would be amazing if we could find out about the original sketch by Percy Blenkarne. Any information you can send to us will be much appreciated.

Date Question Asked: Friday 4th July 2003 18:42
I believe my great grandfather walked the first train across Salisbury Plain in the early 1900s. Is there any documentation or photographic evidence on the construction of the railway.

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