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Date Question Asked: Monday 4th July 2011 10:03
Is there a source of information about the history of Catridge Farm between Gastard & Lacock? The farm is currently a horse stud.

Date Question Asked: Monday 4th July 2011 10:03
I am looking for an area in Lacock called the Wharf can you tellme any thing about it and where it was and where it is now?

Date Question Asked: Monday 4th July 2011 10:03
Is there a site with the history of Catridge Farm between Gastard and Lacock?

Date Question Asked: Monday 7th January 2008 10:16
It has come back into my memory that as a child my father and others used to tease us children about going to Notton Docks and Lacock Treacle Mines. Much to our amusement. Have you heard of these appellations and do you have any idea why these two places especially would have nonsensical names attached to them?

Date Question Asked: Monday 12th December 2005 15:00
I would like to ask how did the village of Lacock become national trust property was it purchased or if bequeathed who owned it orginally?

Date Question Asked: Saturday 12th June 2004 15:23
We recently visited St. Cyriac's church in Lacock. Could you tell us, please, who was St. Cyriac & where did he come from?

Date Question Asked: Monday 24th May 2004 10:54
I have ancestors whose Census address in 1881 was Bowden Hill, Lacock. The family head was listed as Gardener and Farm Bailiff. Members of his family also became gardeners, and my grandfather subsequently became a gardener at Hawarden Castle, Flint (I believe Gladstone's home) and later head gardener for Joseph Chamberlain (in Birmingham). Which large home/farm would they have been likely to work for at that time in the Bowden Hill area?

Date Question Asked: Friday 3rd October 2003 10:53
I believe that an ancestor of mine emigrated from Lacock. Can you tell me if this is likely to be correct please.

Date Question Asked: Wednesday 12th March 2003 09:06
I would like to learn more about an old canal near Lacock possibly around Rey Mill and Naish Hill farm

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