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Date Question Asked: Monday 13th November 2006 09:07
I would appreciate your help in finding the approximate location of "Lucky Lane" (could possibly be "Licking" Lane or "Locking" Lane) in Mildenhall where the 1841 census shows my ancestors, the Thomas Mortimer family, lived. If it helps to narrow down the location, the census shows Dunsford Mill (or Hill) and Mere or (Were) Farm before this entry, and Grove Farm after it. The Mortimer Family lived at " Warren" or "Minal Warren" from 1851 - 1871. and I would appreciate knowing where this was located also.

Date Question Asked: Saturday 10th January 2004 11:23
Trying to find what became of the Mildenhall family living in Ramsbury of 4 brothers killed during WWI one survived and moved to London, think the others may have moved to Patagonia at some time before WW1 Any records please.

Date Question Asked: Tuesday 3rd June 2003 10:24
Could you please give me more details about the highwayman who was hanged on hill off the Devizes/Beckhampton road? My grandfather or great-grandfather told how, as a boy, he ran from his home in Mildenhall to see the man on the gallows. There is still a gravestone at the side of the road.

Date Question Asked: Thursday 6th February 2003 10:59
Where in Wiltshire was the Roman Cunetio?

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