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Date Question Asked: Monday 4th July 2011 10:07
Ever since doing National Service on Salisbury Plain, I have always wondered when it became reserved for Army training: have you any suggestions please? I don't have access to the internet.

Date Question Asked: Tuesday 20th September 2005 10:07
Can you tell me which churches in Wiltshire have windows engraved by Laurence Whistler and also his son Simon Whistler? Also, are their other engraved works, such as goblets, on public display?

Date Question Asked: Monday 25th July 2005 09:59
I notice you had a question on Friday 16th May 2003 relating to David Saunders, the 'Shepherd of Salisbury Plain', who was my great-great-great-great-great-grandfather. Are you aware of any information about him or his family - he had 16 children - further to that which you supplied to the questioner?

Date Question Asked: Tuesday 2nd November 2004 09:14
Who was St. Joan in the name St. Joan o Gore to the south of West Lavington?

Date Question Asked: Friday 16th May 2003 12:00
I have a book called 'The Shepherd of Salisbury Plain'. Could you tell me about it please.

Date Question Asked: Thursday 16th January 2003 16:40
I live in West Lavington and would like to know if there are any ghost stories in the village.

Date Question Asked: Friday 3rd January 2003 11:34
Are the dew ponds on the Wiltshire downs fed by dew and how old are they?

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