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Date Question Asked: Saturday 9th July 2011 09:52
When was Westbury Library built & does it have a ghost.

Date Question Asked: Monday 4th July 2011 10:03
I am about to embark on a history topic with year 4 (age 8/9) in Bradford on Avon. We are taking the riots over the scribbling horse in Westbury Gardens as our focus for finding and using historical evidence. Could you point me in any particular direction?

Date Question Asked: Monday 4th July 2011 10:03
What was Westbury Hill Fair?

Date Question Asked: Monday 4th July 2011 10:03
Why is there a cement works at Westbury?

Date Question Asked: Monday 4th July 2011 10:03
Can you tell me anything about Rebecca Smith being the last woman in England hanged for infanticide?

Date Question Asked: Wednesday 19th April 2006 11:52
Would anybody be able to enlighten me on the origin of "Snappersnipes"; the name of a narrow lane in Westbury.

Date Question Asked: Tuesday 21st September 2004 11:28
Did Westbury have a police force in the early 19th century? If not , who would be responsible for enforcing the law? Was there a workhouse in Westbury at the same time?

Date Question Asked: Thursday 27th November 2003 10:44
What is the history of Westbury White Horse as it is featured regularly in books and calendars alongside Avebury and Stonehenge, and does any other White Horse have an eye you can sit on?

Date Question Asked: Monday 19th May 2003 14:25
Were there iron works in Warminster/Westbury circa 1840. My ancestor, Benjamin Grist, left Warminster circa 1840 ended up in Tredegar South Wales as Iron puddler. I am wondering whether he took a local skill with him from Warminster

Date Question Asked: Wednesday 23rd April 2003 11:43
Why is Westbury House in Bradford called Westbury House?

Date Question Asked: Tuesday 31st December 2002 09:06
The Westbury iron works was near the railway station, which is outside the town. Was the railway line built here for the benefit of the iron works?

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