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Wiltshire Community History

Census Search Results

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Covingham Census Information

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1801  185,107
1811 193,828
1821  222,157
1831 240,156
1841 258,733
1851 254,221
1861 249,311
1871 257,177
1881 258,965
1891 264,997
1901 271,394
1911 286,822
1921 292,208
1931 303,373
1951 386,692
1961 422,950
1971 486,747
1981 518,545

Note: There are some apparent anomalies in the census figures whereby there is a large increase or decrease in population over a ten year period. There are many reasons for these, including boundary changes, influx or removal of military personnel, expansion or closure of industries or, in the extreme case of Imber, the relocation of the entire population. We are unable to provide notes for all of these but they can be found in The Victoria History of Wiltshire, Vol.4 in the chapter on Population. Where there is no population figure against a date in the table above, we have been unable to identify a separate total for that community as it may have been combined with another community, or did not exist in its present form, at that date.

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