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Wiltshire Community History

Corton Baptist Chapel, Boyton

A Baptist preacher made the first recorded visit to Corton on 21st March 1819. By 1827 there was sufficient support to enable a church to be formed and the first meeting was held. In October of the same year a piece of land was purchased and the foundation stone of the new chapel was laid on 21st March 1828. The chapel was opened on Sunday 12th October 1828 and services were held in the morning, afternoon and evening. The congregation thrived and by 1854 the chapel was too small. The schoolroom was enlarged and six pews were added to the chapel.

The Corton Church Book includes a history of the chapel written in 1880. When the first meeting was held in 1819 there were just six members. By 1880 a total of 203 people had been connected with the chapel, including 184 who had been baptised. In 1880 the total membership was 35. By 1914, although membership was only 28, many more young people were attending meetings and a new hall was built to accommodate them. This was also used by the soldiers, who were very grateful to have somewhere to meet each evening and enjoy tea and entertainment. A total of 17,000 troops were training in the district and during one year 3,500 attended a Bible class.

By 1934 chapel membership was down to 15 and the Sunday School was closed due to lack of members. The last entry in the Church Book was written in 1959 when there were just six members. The chapel closed in 1965 and it is now a private house.

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Corton Baptist Chapel, Boyton
Corton Baptist Chapel, Boyton

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