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Wiltshire Community History

Cadley Primitive Methodist Chapel, Collingbourne Ducis

It was Cadley that became the site of long-term non-conformist worship in the parish. In 1834 the house of Joseph Allen was registered for worship, the site is listed as 129 on the 1846 tithe map. A later village map of 1875 shows a chapel on this same site. It is known that a chapel for Primitive Methodists was started in the village in 1849 which according to the account books was a thatched and whitewashed building. It is presumed therefore that this first chapel was housed in the cottage of Joseph Allen. On Census Sunday it was recorded that 195 people attended the service here in the morning, 194 in the afternoon and 210 in the evening. Wesleyan Methodists and Baptists attended chapels in other parishes.

A new Primitive Methodist chapel was built on the same site in Cadley by Graces of Clatford in1880. Accounts list that foundation services were held in October as the first stones were laid. In July 1938 a dedication service was conducted in celebration of the installation of an electric light and the completion of chapel renovations. To mark the event, a clock was donated by George Pennells, one of the local Methodist preachers, and his wife. A pulpit bible was also given by Mr H Ponting. Local residents who attended the chapel describe the interior of the building as simply decorated: white painted walls with wooden boards along the bottom half. There were wooden benches for the congregation and at the front was the pulpit, a small table for the collection plate and the organ. The chapel ran a Sunday school which held an annual Christmas party and summer trips. Each summer a mission would be held within the village at which visiting preachers would speak.

The chapel was in use for just over 100 years: services ended in 1983 and the building was sold as a private residence in 1988.

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