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Saturday 30th October 2004 10:45

In the history of Bromham I was wondering if you knew when the houses were built in "yard lane" and the reasons behind the building in such an open area of land.

Yard Lane appears on the Andrews and Dury map of 1773 but there are no buildings on it at that time, Neither are there on the 1889 1st edition Ordnance Survey 6 inch sheet - only houses at Nether Street. I think that the houses there now, in the western part, must be from the first quarter of the 20th century, possibly council houses, although I can't recall what they look like. The houses in the eastern part would seem to have spread from Nether Street and the buildings in the centre must have been associated with the market garden there. I think that this development was a case of building along a road that already existed, and not taking too much good land. 20th century ribbon development really.




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