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Monday 4th July 2011 10:07

On the map of 1887 for Southwick it says that there is a burial ground in St. Thomas's Church but the man who gave the land for the church said that no one was to be buried there. Which is correct?

I think that the Ordnance Survey got it wrong in this case. There is a graveyard marked on the 1887 map and I imagine that as the original iron mission church was only built in 1881 they assumed that the area around it would be the graveyard. However the Church of St. Thomas was only a chapel of ease to the church at North Bradley, as Southwick was not then a separate parish, and probably had not been consecrated as christenings, marriages and burials still took place at North Bradley. It was not until the stone church was built in 1903, replacing the burnt out iron one, that a font was included and the church was not licensed for marriages until 1948.




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