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Book TitleAuthorDateNotes
Song TitleJolly plough boy Music Note (Music Score Available)
Roud No.202
Collected FromSquarey, Lavinia Mary Mrs.
Collected ByBroadwood, Lucy E
Alternative Title
TuneBroadwood, Lucy E
Source Primary
Source SecondaryBroadwood, Lucy E: English county songs Leadenhall, 1893 p 150, 151
Song Lyrics
Verse 1

There were two loving brothers, two bretheren were born,
Two bretheren whose trades we still keep;
The one was a ploughman, a planter of corn,
The other a tender of sheep.

Verse 2

Come all jolly plough boys, come help me for to sing,
I'll sing in the praise of the plough;
For though we must labour from summer to spring,
We all will be merry boys now.

Verse 3

We've hired, we've mired, through mire and through clay,
No pleasure at all could we find;
Now we'll laugh, dance and sing, and drive care away,
No more in this land to repine.

Verse 4

Here's April, here's May, here's June and July,
Tis a pleasure to see the corn grow;
In August we'll moil it, shear low and reap high,
And bind up our scythes for to mow.

Verse 5

So now we have gathered up every sheaf,
And scraped up every ear;
We'll make no more to do, but to plough and to sow,
And provide for the very next year.
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Note 1

Lucy E Broadwood - 'From Mrs Squarey, fragment only of words and tune; remainder supplied from a Hampshire version in the 'Besom Maker' by Heywood Sumner, Esq.'

Note 2

Chris Wildridge - 'Wherever possible I have only transcribed what was collected in Wiltshire, but in this instance, without further recourse to primary material it is not possible to state what was collected from Mrs Squarey.'

Transcribed and edited by Chris Wildridge, 2008.

Music Score

Score for Jolly plough boy

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