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Book TitleAuthorDateNotes
Song TitleBizzoms Music Note (Music Score Available)
Roud No.910
Collected FromBrice, Joshua
LocationStratford Toney
Collected ByVaughan-Williams, Ralph
Alternative Title
TuneVaughan-Williams, Ralph
Source PrimaryRalph Vaughan-Williams Manuscript collection, microfilm Vol. 2 p 212, 213
Source SecondaryPalmer, Roy: Folk songs collected by Ralph Vaughan-Williams, 1982 p 120, 121
Song Lyrics
Verse 1

I am a bizzom maker,
The truth to you I'll tell.
I am a bizzom maker,
I live in yonder dell;
Pleasure I do take,
Morning, night and noon,
Tripping over the hills,
And I gather all sweet broom.


Who'll buy my bizzoms,
Bizzoms fine and new?
Come and buy my bizzoms,
Better never grew.

Verse 2

As I walked over the hills,
Twas on a summer's day;
I met a rakish squire,
With a black and roving eye;
He tips to me the wink,
I gave to him the tune;
She eased me of my jingle o,
To gather all sweet broom.


Verse 3

As I walked out one night,
Twas from my native cot;
I met Jack Sprat the miller,
Happy was his lot;
His mill I rattled round,
I ground the grits so clean;
I eased him of his chink,
In gathering broom so clean.


Verse 4
One day as I was turning,
To my native cot,
I met a buxom farmer,
Happy was his lot;
I ploughed my furrow deep,
I plant my seed so low;
I left it in the soil,
Young bizzoms for to grow.


Verse 5

I packed up my bizzoms,
I carries hens to fair;
I sold my bizzoms of the best,
And spent the profit there;
Bizzoms in the kitchen,
Bizzoms in the hall;
Bizzoms in the parlour,
Among the ladies all.
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Note 1

Ralph Vaughan-Williams: 'Sung by Mr Brice, a carter about 45, came from Crewkerne but now living at Stratford Tony near Salisbury, Aug 31st, 1904. He continues after the title, 'sung to Brice at Crewkerne by an old fiddler called Blind Terry?. Brice said he'd make the fiddle speak.'

Note 2

Chris Wildridge - 'The text is not entirely clear as to the order of the lines in the verses. Palmer suggests a different final chorus using the last four lines of Verse 5. The manuscript only notes four verses but there are additional lines which suggest they fit into the verses in the manner given above.'

Transcribed and edited by Chris Wildridge, 2008.

Music Score

Score for Bizzoms

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