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Book TitleAuthorDateNotes
Song TitleFriendless Mary Music Note (Music Score Available)
Roud No.2580
Collected FromLogan, Margaret [Maggie]
Collected BySeeger, Peggy: MacColl, Ewan
Alternative Title
TuneSeeger, Peggy: MacColl, Ewan
Source Primary
Source SecondarySeeger, Peggy: MacColl, Ewan: Singing island, 1960 p 13, 21, 108
Song Lyrics
Verse 1

Far over yon hills where the heather grows,
I met a lass wi' her lambs and yowes,
The lambs cam' friskin' o'er the knows,
And the sun was shining clearly o.

Verse 2

Says I, 'My sweet and comely dame,
Will ye be sae kind's tell me your name,
Or tell the place ye ca' you hame,
For your beauty shines sae rarely o.'

Verse 3

'Ye see yon hoose ahint the trees?
When I was born, my father he deed,
My mither was left to be my guide,
And she ca'd me Friendless Mary o.'

Verse 4

'Ye see yon hoose ayont the green?
This last six weeks I hanna been seen,
My mither she closed her twa black een,
Saying, 'Fare ye weel, my Mary o.''

Verse 5

'O, lassie, gin ye come wi' me,
And be my bride across the sea,
A braw gude man I'll be to thee,
And ye'll be nae mair Friendless Mary o.'

Verse 6

'It's I will cam alang wi' thee,
And I'll be your bride across the sea,
A braw gude wife I'll be to thee,
And I'll be nae nair Friendless Mary o.'
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Note 1

Peggy Seeger and Ewan MacColl - 'This type of pastoral love song is fairly common in the British Isles, although we have not succeeded in discovering another printed version of this particular song. The very handsome air is often used by Scots folksingers to carry traditional ballads.'

Note 2

Peggy Seeger - 'Margaret Logan was Maggie Logan, sister of Ewan MacColl's mother. Maggie [and Ewan's mother Betsy] had a lot of songs - many of the folksongs that Ewan sang were from her repertoire. I wish I had met Maggie - she was by all accounts a feisty woman'. [2008]

Note 3

Reproduced with permission from Peggy Seeger and Ewan MacColl Ltd. Many thanks.

Transcribed by Chris Wildridge, 2008.

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Score for Friendless Mary

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