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Book TitleAuthorDateNotes
Song TitleJeanette
Roud No.391
Collected FromRussell, Mrs.
Collected ByWilliams, Alfred
Alternative Title
Source PrimaryWSRO: 2598/36 Packet 2 - Gloucestershire: Williams, A: MS collection No Gl 163
Source SecondaryWilts and Gloucestershire Standard, 23rd October, 1915, p 2, Part 4, No. 13
Song Lyrics
Verse 1

You are going far away, far away from poor Jeanette,
There is no one left to love me now, and you too, may forget;
But my heart will be with you, wherever you may go,
Can you look me in the face and say the same to Jeanette?

Verse 2

When you wear the jacket red and the beautiful cockade,
It's then I fear that you will forget the promises you made;
With the gun upon your shoulder, and the dagger by your side,
You'll be taking some proud lady and be making her your bride.

Verse 3

O if I were the Queen of France, or still better, Pope of Rome,
I'd have no fighting men abroad, no weeping maids at home;
All the world should be at peace, or, if kings must show their might,
Let them who make the quarrels be the only men to fight.
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Note 1

Williams, Alfred: Ms / WGS: 'Obtained at Tetbury. Formerly popular alongside the Thames to Lechlade. The piece probably had its origin in the wars with France at the end of the eighteenth century.'

Note 2

In Verse 3 Line 4 the original text read:

Let they who make the quarrels be the only men to fight.

Note 3

Williams does not identify the singer but his only source in Tetbury was Mrs. Russell, so I have assigned the song to her.

Transcribed and edited by Chris Wildridge, 2013.



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