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Book TitleAuthorDateNotes
Song TitleBold privateer
Roud No.1000
Collected FromWarren, Edwin
LocationSouth Marston
Collected ByWilliams, Alfred
Alternative Title
Source PrimaryWSRO: 2598/36 Packet 4 - Wiltshire: Williams, A: MS collection No Wt 502
Source SecondaryWilts and Gloucestershire Standard, 18th March, 1916, p 3, Part 23, No. 8
Song Lyrics
Verse 1

It's farewell to my Polly dear, since you and I must part!
In crossing of the wide seas, I'll pledge to you my heart;
Our ship she does lie waiting, it's farewell my dear,
For I am just a-going on board a bold privateer.

Verse 2

She says - "My dearest Jimmy, I pray you to forbear,
And do not leave your Polly so deeply in despair;
I'd advise you stay at home with your true lover dear,
And not venture your life aboard a bold privateer."

Verse 3

You know, my dearest Polly, you friends do me dislike,
Besides you have two brothers that have sworn to take my life;
It's from them I must wander, myself all to get clear,
So I am just a-going on board a bold privateer.

Verse 4

And when the war is over, if we do save our lives,
It's then I will return to our sweethearts and wives;
It's then I will get married to thee, my Polly dear,
And bid adieu for ever to the bold privateer.
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Williams, Alfred: Ms / WGS: 'This too figures in 'Traditional tunes' by Mr Frank Kidson. Here it was a favourite song of Mr Warren's father, who was a thatcher, a very intelligent villager, and a fine singer. A few hours before his death, a neighbour told him that he could not sing the 'Indian lass' and to the surprise of the those at hand, he sat up in bed and sang it through perfectly, in a good tone of voice. He died the same night. Words obtained of Edwin Warren, South Marston.'

Transcribed and edited by Chris Wildridge, 2010.



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