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Book TitleAuthorDateNotes
Song TitleCot where I was born
Roud No.12882
Collected FromHerbert, George
Collected ByWilliams, Alfred
Alternative Title
Source PrimaryWSRO: 2598/36 Packet 2 - Gloucestershire: Williams, A: MS collection No Gl 121
Source SecondaryUnpublished
Song Lyrics
Verse 1

I roamed beneath a sunny sky,
Where lighter flowers grew,
Where all unbar[…] to the eye,
And dazzling to the view,
I've seem them graced by night's pale tear,
Bedecked with red at morn,
But never found a spot so dear,
As that where I was born.


Verse 2

Can wealth of title compensate,
The want of friendship glow?
Can gaudy […] earthly state,
So bright a gem bestow?
To me such joys are cold indeed,
They hold the heart forlorn,
Give me the cot I love so well,
The cot where I was born.

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Taken from Alfred William's notebook, page 42. Williams hand writing is not always easy to read and his note book particularly suffers from the speed of his writing. The note in the file is typed, probably by Bathe or Clissold and is incomplete. The original text is difficult to decipher and some of the words are conjectural. While a chorus is indicated, there are no words given.

Transcribed and edited by Chris Wildridge, 2007.



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