Emigrant ship


Verse 1

Beneath the rude and restless wave,
Many brave men have found their grave;
This transport ship, when tempest tost,
At length went down, with all hands lost.

Verse 2

This emigrant ship - how sad to hear!
Five hundred souls were lost with fear;
They left behind them old England's ground,
To New Zealand they were bound.

Verse 3

This gallant ship, which fate deplored,
Had near five hundred souls on board;
That was a dreadful death to meet,
A burning ship beneath your feet.

Verse 4

When fire and water both combined,
The raging flames and roaring wind;
It seized upon the doomed ship,
When fear stood on each trembling lip.

Verse 5

There men and women, of a hardy crew,
One hundred and sixty children too;
The ship was burnt upon the sea,
And launched them into eternity.

Verse 6

Many a mother you know was there,
Whose heart was broken with despair;
God only knows what it is to be,
In an open boat ten days at sea.