Gipsy king


Verse 1

I am the gipsy king,
And where is a king like me?
My trouble no dignities bring,
Nor no other is half so free;
In my own kingdom we have but one table,
All my subjects partake of its cheer;
We'll drink champagne while we're able,
Although we have plenty of beer.


For I am the gipsy king, Ha! Ha!
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
For I am the gipsy king, Ha! Ha!
For I am the gipsy king.

Verse 2

A King, and a true one am I,
No courtiers or ministers here,
I see everything with my own eye,
And hear everything with my own ear;
No conspiracy I apprehend,
Among brothers and sisters I roam,
We'll both keep guineas to spend,
And get drink when the measure is full.


Verse 3

I confess that I am but a man,
My feelings do pleasure me now,
I'm fond of my girl and my can,
And my jolly companions all round;
My subjects are kind to me,
They don't grudge me the largest glass,
Nor yet that I hold on my knee
This moment the prettiest lass.


Verse 4

No King do I envy nor Kaiser,
That sits on the golden throne;
I'll tell you the reason why, sir,
I've a sceptre and ball of my own;
To sit all night in a crowd,
I've a notion my ears it would freeze,
So I pull my old nightcap down,
And tipple and smoke at my ease.