Gloucester Volunteers


Verse 1

Come all you brisk young fellows, that love your native land,
In honour of your country's cause, come join with heart and hand;
In forming the Militia, as plainly does appear,
No county can, I'm sure, surpass the Gloucester Volunteers.

Verse 2

We make no doubt, should honour call, they'll come, both bold and free,
And gladly too they may protect their Queen and Country;
Should anyone insult the land, I'll tell you without fear,
They'll be the first to fight their way - the Gloucester Volunteers.

Verse 3

You young and blooming females, in number may be seen,
A-viewing the Militia exercising for the Queen;
The marching was most excellent, as though they'd marched for years,
They knocked the brown beer about right well - the Gloucester Volunteers.

Verse 4

Now to conclude and make an end, may we live long to see,
Our native land protected by the friends of liberty!
So fill your glasses to the brim and drown all care and fear,
And drink a health to every man in the Gloucester Volunteers.