Happy country lass


Verse 1

I am a brisk and bonny lass
That's free from care and strife,
So sweetly do I my hours pass,
I love a county life;
At wake or fair I oft am there
Where there's pleasure to be seen,
Though poor I am contented,
And as happy as a queen.

Verse 2

I rise up in the morning
My labour to pursue,
And with my yoke and milking pail
I trip the morning dew;
My cows I milk and there I taste
The sweet that Nature yields,
And the lark is sure to welcome me
Into the flowery fields.

Verse 3

And when the meadows they are mown
My part I then do take,
And with the other village maids
I go the hay to make,
Where friendship, love and harmony
Amongst us there is seen,
And the swains invite the village maids
To dance upon the green.

Verse 4

Now in the time of harvest
So cheerfully we go,
Some our hooks and sickles,
And men with scythes to mow;
And when the corn is safe from harm,
We have not far to roam,
But all await to celebrate
And welcome harvest home.

Verse 5

Now in the winter, when the cattle
Are foddered with straw,
The cock he crows to wake me
My icy cream to thaw;
The western winds may whistle,
And northern winds may blow,
'Tis health and sweet contentment
The country lass doth know.

Verse 6

In winter or in summer
We are never known to grieve,
In time of need, each other
Will their neighbours relieve:
So I still think a country life
All others does surpass,
I sit me down contented,
I'm a happy country lass.