Hawkesbury Volunteers


Verse 1

One morn as I was walking to take the pleasant air,
On the top of Hillesley Hill I chanced for to draw near;
The drums and fifes did sweetly sound which did so charm my ears,
I saw the corps so light and gay - brave Hawkesbury Volunteers.

Verse 2

They were all dressed and powdered, just turned out to parade,
All in their proper uniforms of lovely blue and red;
Those lads so smart have won the heart of many a maiden fair,
They all did cry - 'We are not shy, brave Hawkesbury Volunteers'.

Verse 3

When our drill sergeant he came there, he looked both stout and bold,
He knows his discipline full well and would not be controlled;
He marched us both rank and file from front unto the rear,
My boys! There's none can equal brave Hawkesbury Volunteers.

Verse 4

Our Captain and Lieutenant they unto us did say -
'My brave men, if the French do land, we'll show them gallant play;
For we are ready to engage them and drub them you need not fear,
We are the lads so stout and bold, the Hawkesbury Volunteers'.

Verse 5

If Bonaparte should dare to land upon Great Britain's isle,
All for to meet our enemies we'll march both rank and file;
When we will fight so manfully without dread or fear,
The French shall rue the day they saw the Hawkesbury Volunteers.

Verse 6

And when the wars are over and peace it is proclaimed,
Then back unto sweet Hillesley we will return again;
And with our wives and sweethearts so merrily we'll sing,
'Here's a health to Hawkesbury Volunteers and God save the King'.