Isle of France


Verse 1

The sun was fair and the clouds advanced,
And the convict came to the Isle of France;
All around his legs were a ring and chain,
And his country was of the shamrock green.

Verse 2

The coastguard waited all on the beach,
While the convict's boat was about to reach;
The convict's chains did so shine and spark,
That it shook the veins of the coastguard's heart.

Verse 3

The convict launched his little boat,
Upon the ocean with him to float;
The birds at night took their silent rest,
But the convict here has a wounded breast.

Verse 4

Then the coastguard came to the Isle of France,
And towards the convict did advance;
The tears from his eyes did fall like rain -
"I hear young man, you're of the shamrock green."

Verse 5

"I am a shamrock," the convict cried,
"That has been tossed on the ocean wide;
For being unruly I do declare,
I'm condemned a transport for seven long years."

Verse 6

When six of them were past and gone,
We were coming home to make up one;
When the stormy winds did so blow and roar,
That cast we were on a foreign shore.

Verse 7

Then the coastguard played a noble part,
And with some brandy cheered the convict's heart;
Although this night being far advanced,
To find a friend in the Isle of France.

"God bless the coastguard," the convict cried,
"He has saved my life from the ocean wide;
I'll drink his health in a flowing glass -
So here's success to the Isle of France."