Jack and Nancy


Verse 1

Jack went down to her parent's home,
Cried - "Nancy, will you, aye or no?
Or will you wed a jolly sailor?"
"Oh, no," says Nancy.

Verse 2

Then John pulled two handfuls of gold,
Cried, "Nancy, will you, aye or no?"
"Oh, yes," says Nancy, with a smile,
"I was only joking all the while."

Verse 3

"If you are joking, I am not in jest.
That's not the question that I ask,
But if it's money that you love best,
You shall never wed your sailor."

Verse 4

Then John set up in a public line,
Plenty of silver and plenty of coin;
It made young Nancy often pine,
Since she refused the sailor.

Verse 5

"There's no other girl that I can find,
That is so pleasing to my mind.
But I'll live single all my time,
Before she shall wed her sailor."