Joe, the collier's son


Verse 1

I am Jolly Joe, the collier's son,
In Marlborough Town I dwell,
I courted lasses, many a one,
And I loved them all right well.

Verse 2

I courted Nancy and young Kate,
And buxom Nelly too;
But Rachel's the girl that I adore,
And that you soon shall know.

Verse 3

I took a walk in Marlborough Town,
Down by the Bilstone Hill,
And who should I spy but my own true love,
With Jack from Ambrose Hill.

Verse 4

I hid myself behind the bush,
A-distant where they were,
He gave her kisses by one, two, three,
Not knowing I was there.

Verse 5

I boldly stepped up to him,
Saying - "Rogue, what hast thou done?
I am Jolly Joe, the collier's son
Thou must either fight or run."

Verse 6

And then to church young Rachel went,
A-sore against her will,
So maidens all, pity my downfall,
By Jack of Ambrose Hill.