Leather breeches


Verse 1

When I was quite a little boy
My life passed as sweet as honey,
Until my Dady died in Town
And left me all is money;
O the arrows ploughs and Riches
With Grunnters Half a Score,
And a pair of Leather Breeches.

Verse 2

One night as I went to Woo
A Damsel Fine and Dapper,
She looked at me so Black,
And Ding Dong Whent Her Clapper;
O she says I hate your plans
My Hearts against your Riches,
But I cant Bare a Chap
Wat Wears them Leather Breeches.”

Verse 3

One night I went to Woo
My Sports for to Ralley,
I got Insults and Speeches
In Every Lane and Alley;
They did against me Did Conspier