Maid's wager


Verse 1

A wager, a wager I lay unto thee,
Of a hundred bright guineas to ten,
That a maid I will go to the bonny, blooming fields,
And a maid I will return back again.

Verse 2

And when she got to the bonny, blooming fields,
Her true love was there fast asleep,
With his horse and his hounds, and his fine silken gown,
And his sword it lay down by his feet.

Verse 3

Three times she did dance round the crown of his head,
Three times round the soles of his feet,
Three times she did kiss on his cherry, cherry lips,
As he lay on the ground fast asleep.

Verse 4

She took the diamond ring all off her left hand,
And placed it on his right thumb,
Saying - "That's to be a token when he does awake,
That his lady has been here but she's gone."

Verse 5

And when he awoke out of his firm sleep,
Seeing the ring on his right thumb,
Then he stamped and he swore, and his own hair he tore,
Saying - "My lady has been here but she's gone."

Verse 6

"Oh master! Oh Master! You should sleep more by night,
And not so much by the day;
For if you had been waking when your lady had been here,
Perhaps a maid she had never gone away."