Music and wine


Verse 1

Of battles and sieges I mean not to sing,
Of love to our country, nor hatred to King;
Give me but contentment, joined with health,
I ask of kind fortune not honour nor wealth;
In country or city I think not to shine,
But sing of my pleasure in music and wine.

Verse 2

How the cordial warms my spirit!
None can vie with wine for merit.
How the music charms my ear!
None with music can compare!
Blest were the days when, in leafy shade,
Joined hand in hand with my true love I strayed.

Verse 3

Where apple blossoms scent the fragrant air,
I have snatched soft kisses from the wanton fair;
Then did the feathered choir in songs rejoice;
How the cuckoo tuned her softling voice!
The gentle thrush with pride displayed her throat,
Vying in sweetness with the blackbird's note.