Nothing else to do


Verse 1

It was a pleasant summer's morning, just the day I love to enjoy,
When I woke and looked out early, it was my full time to employ;
In such fine and splendid weather I don't care for work. Do you?
So I'll go and see my sweetheart, as I've nothing else to do.

Verse 2

Then off I started through the meadows, ere the dewbeads pearled the spray,
And in answer to the songbird I kept singing all the way;
Quite surprised was she to see me come so early there to woo,
Till I said I just walked over, as I'd nothing else to do.

Verse 3

Then we rambled forth together down the lane, beneath the trees,
While so gently swayed the shadow of the branches in the breeze;
And whene'er our conversations languished for a word or two,
Of course, I kindly kissed her, as I'd nothing else to do.

Verse 4

But before the day was over I had somehow made up my mind,
To put the question to her, if to me her heart inclined;
And I said - "Now, sweet my darling, will you have me? Yes or no."
But she said - "Perhaps I may, dear, when I've nothing else to do."