Off to Flanders


Verse 1

"Dear brother, farewell! I am now going to Flanders,
Amongst bold commanders,
Once more for to bid old England adieu;
I've a while for to stay and then march away,
I'm an officer noble;
Dear brother, go with me, and leave off your plough."

Verse 2

"I would rather stay at home, reaping and mowing,
A-ploughing or sowing,
Or else in some barn, a-threshing of corn,
Than to leave Joan my wife, she's the joy of my life,
For to go a-fighting,
What I never took delight in. Dear brother, farewell!"

Verse 3

"Duke William, you know, stood in front of the battle,
Where the loud cannons rattle,
He ventured his life and why should not I?
At the Royal Crown Inn our army was staying;
Without dread or fear, my boys,
Our army shall fire from the front to the rear."