Old Bob Ridley o


Verse 1

Here's old Bob Ridley come again,
Some other wonders to explain;
Of all the sights that he has seen,
And what he's done and where he's been.


I am old Bob Ridley O,
I am old Bob Ridley O,
I am Mr Bob Ridley O.

Verse 2

The first time I got a licking,
'Twas in the field a cotton picking;
It made me laugh, it made me tingle,
Upon my words, it made me tremble.


Verse 3

Now I'm come to chalk the challenge out,
I don't care to who nor what about;
There are of men a very few,
Can do the things that I can do.


Verse 4

Talk of swimming, if I wish,
I could lick the fastest fish;
But what's the use for me to talk,
He'd swim from London to New York.


Verse 5

As for the running of a race,
There's none could touch me in the place;
I ran a race with lightning flash,
And licked the lightning all of a smash.


Verse 6

At shooting I was just a blade,
A clipper at my gun trade;
Throughout the States I couldn't be matched,
I shot the birds before they were hatched.


Verse 7

I once went out on an old thief's trail,
I loaded my gun with along spiked nail;
I missed the thief - so swift went he,
But I nailed his shadow to a tree.


Verse 8

At boxing I was sure to gain,
Ten thousand times I licked Jack Keen;
For winning of the belt unfair,
Next time I'm going to belt Tom Sayer.