False hearted William


Verse 1

In Brighton lived a fair young maid,
As fair as eyes could see,
Till a young man came a-courting her,
And proved her destiny.

Verse 2

She came to him next morning,
And wept most bitterly,
Saying - 'Willie, dearest Willie,
When will you marry me?'

Verse 3

'To marry you, Miss Polly,
Is more than I can do,
For I never intend to wed a girl,
So easily led as you.

Verse 4

Go home unto your parents,
And do the best you can,
And tell them your true love William,
Has proved a false young man.'

Verse 5

'I'll not go home to my parents,
Nor bring them to disgrace,
For I'd rather go and drown myself,
In some wild lonesome place.'

Verse 6

As Willie was a-walking,
Along the river side,
He saw his true love Polly,
Come floating on the tide.

Verse 7

He caught hold of her lily white hand,
And found that she was gone,
Saying - 'Lord have mercy on my soul,
I've proved a false young man.

Verse 8

Let none of my friends or relations,
Come lounging after me,
For on these cold and sandy banks,
I'll die with my Pollee.'