Paul Jones


Verse 1

It's of an American frigate, from New York she came,
She mounted forty guns, called Massachusetts by name,
A-crossing the channel of old England's fame,
With her saucy commander - Paul Jones was his name.

Verse 2

We had not been sailing long before we spies,
A large forty four, and a twenty likewise:
"Come answer me quickly, I've hailed you before,
Or else a broadside into you I will pour."

Verse 3

We fought them four glasses, four glasses so hot,
Till fourteen dead seamen lay dead on the spot,
And twenty five lay wounded, all covered with gore,
While the guns from proud Paul Jones like thunder did roar.

Verse 4

Our carpenter being frightened, to Paul Jones did say -
"Our ship she makes water since fighting today."
The up spoke proud Paul Jones, in the height of his pride -
"If we cannot do better boys, we'll sink alongside."

Verse 5

And now my brave fellows, we have taken a rich prize,
Here's a large forty four and a twenty likewise;
God help every poor widow that has reason to weep,
For the loss of her dear sons in the ocean so deep.