Bold dragoon


Verse 1

"My father is a lord, a lord of high renown,
And if I should wed a soldier that would pull his honour down;
So it's your birth and my birth that never will agree,
So take it as a warning, bold Dragoon," said she.

Verse 2

"No warning, no warning I never mean to take,
I'll either wed or die, my love, for all your sweet sake."
And when he spoke those words he made the lady's heart to bleed,
To church they both went and were married with speed.

Verse 3

But when they were married and returning home again,
The lady spied her father and seven armed men -
"I'm sore afraid," said the lady, "we both shall be slain soon."
"I fear nothing at all," said the jolly Dragoon.

Verse 4

"There is no time to prittle, there is no time to prattle,
There are seven armed men just fitting for the battle;
For I shall draw my broadsword and I'll make their bones to rattle."
The lady held the horse while the Dragoon fought the battle.

Verse 5

"Hold your hand, dear Dragoon! Dear Dragoon hold your hand,
And you shall have my daughter and ten thousand pounds in hand."
"Fight on," says the lady, "My portion is so small."
"Hold your hand, dear Dragoon, 'and you shall have it all."

Verse 6

So all you young ladies that have got gold in store,
Never despise a soldier although he's so poor;
Although he's so poor he will fight for the crown -
Here's a health to King George and his jolly Dragoon.