Rich gentleman's daughter


Verse 1

It's of a rich gentleman in London did dwell,
He had a young daughter a farmer loved so well;
His parents being so cruel, and to him severe,
They sent him to a foreign land for seven long years.

Verse 2

He had not been gone but a month and one day
When he wrote a letter and sent it away;
An answer came back with haste and great speed,
Saying - "My love, I will come to you, wherever you may be." [hyphen]

Verse 3

As one was going up and the other going down,
The damsel being a-tired she sat herself down;
And with her deep sighing her tender heart did break,
So she died for her true love, her true lover's sake.

Verse 4

Now when that young man got to his journey's end,
He called for a bottle to drink with a friend;
They asked of that young man, that which was sent abroad,
And told him of the poor girl that died on the road.

Verse 5

As soon as he heard the news he desired the corpse for to see,
As soon as he saw her he said, "It is for me;
For me and me only, the only love I have,
Let me and my true love lie both in one grave."

Verse 6

So all that long night, and part of the next day,
He kissed her cold cheeks, much colder than clay;
And with a deep sighing his tender heart did break,
So he died for his true love, his true lover's sake.

Verse 7

Come all you cruel parents, wherever you may be,
You should never part lovers, as lovers parted were we;
For what we have suffered, this world shall never know,
What I and my true love, we both have been through.