Sheep crook and black dog


Verse 1

"Come here, my dear Flora, and sit down by me,
And we will be married, if we can agree."
"Oh no," says dear Flora, "my time is not come,
And to marry so early my age is too young."

Verse 2

"We'll both go to service, and when I return,
We will be married all in the next town."
"Will you go to service and leave me to cry?"
"Oh yes, loving shepherd, I'll tell you for why."

Verse 3

It happened so to service she went,
To wait on a lady was Flora's intent,
To wait on a lady, and a rich lady gay,
It clothed fair Flora in costly array.

Verse 4

In a little time, after a letter was sent,
It was a few lines for to know her intent:
She wrote that she lived a contented life,
That she never intended to be a poor shepherd's wife.

Verse 5

The words that she wrote they pierced like a dart -
"I'll pluck up my spirits, I'll cheer up my heart,
In hoping fair Flora won't write so any more."
But the answer she gave was the same as before.

Verse 6

"My ewes and my lambs I will bid them adieu,
My instruments of music I will leave them with you,
My sheep crook and black dog I will leave them behind,
Since Flora, fair Flora, has changed her mind."