Umbrella courtship


Verse 1

A belle and a beau would walking go,
In love they both were pining,
The wind in gentle gales did blow,
An April sun was shining;
Though Simon long has courted Miss,
He knew he'd acted wrong in
Not having dared to steal a kiss,
Which set her quite a-longing.

Verse 2

It so occurred as they did walk,
And viewed each dale so flowery,
As Simon By her side did stalk,
Declared the sky looked showery;
The rain came to her like a drug,
When loudly he did bellow
'Look here, my love, we can be snug,
I've bought an umbrella.'

Verse 3

Quick flew the shelter over Miss,
Now Simon was a droll one,
He thought this was the time to kiss,
So from her lips he stole one.
She blushed; the rain left, and he
The umbrella closed for draining -
'Oh don't do that,' says she, 'I plainly see
It hasn't left off raining.'

Verse 4

Now Simon, when he smoked the plan,
The umbrella righted,
He grew quite bold, talked like a man,
And she seemed quite delighted;
Their lips rung chimes quite fifty times,
Like simple lovers training,
Says she - 'These are but lover's crimes;
I hope it won't stop raining.'

Verse 5

He kissed her out of her consent,
That she'd become his bride; hence
To but the ring was his intent,
And then to get the licence;
They parted, but he took much pains
Where they should meet to tell her;
Says she - 'I'll meet, when next it rains,
So bring your umbrella.'