Female drummer


Verse 1

What a maiden was I, at the age of sixteen,
I enlisted volunteer and a solier I became.
I enlisted in a regiment and a drummer I became,
And they learned me to play upon the rum a dum a dum.

Verse 2

They sent me up to London, to keep guard o'er the tower,
And there I might have been a maid, until this very hour,
But my secret, mind, I told unto a maid,
And through the whole regiment my secret she betrayed.

Verse 3

My officer came to me to know if it was true.
I said, kind sir, the very same thing, I can't deny to you,
Then, since it is so, he smiled on me and said,
It's a pity you should leave us, such a soldier as you've made.

Verse 4

My comrade he counted me, with abundance of love,
And for to get married we soon did agree.
And if the King should be in the want of another man,
I'll put on my hat and feather, and I'll beat the drum again.