Little more cider, too


Verse 1

I lub the white girls and the black,
And I lub all the rest,
I lub the girls for lubbing me,
But I lub my own self best.
Oh dear! I am so thirsty.
I've just been down to supper,
I drank three pails of apple jack,
And a tub of apple butter.


A little more cider, too,
A little more cider, too,
A little more cider for miss Dinah,
A little more cider, too.

Verse 2

When first I saw miss Dinah
'Twas on Broadway I spied her,
I'd a gave my hat and boots, I would,
If I could have stood beside her.
She looked at me and I looked at her,
And then I crossed the street,
She smiling said these words to me -
'A little more cider sweet.'


Verse 3

Oh, now old age come creeping
We grow old and don't grow bigger,
And cider's sweet and sour then
And I am just a nigger;
Let the cause be what it may -
Short, small or wider,
She am the apple of my heart,
And I'm bound to be beside her.


Verse 4

Oh, if I were an apple,
And Snowflake were another,
What a pretty pair we'd make
Upon the tree together!
Oh, how the darkies all would feel,
When on the tree they spied her,
To think how well we should agree
When we're made into cider.