Needle cases


Verse 1

I'm a poor wandering peddler my name it is Jack
All rags and in tatters scarcely hang to my back
My belly it is empty my feet are so sore
Will you buy a case of needles from Jack that is so poor


Needle cases will you buy one
Will you buy one I am sure
Will you buy a case of needles
From Jack's that so poor

Verse 2

I once was a farmer and followed my plough
Ain't I a charmer just look at me now
I once had good clothing from bottom to top
Just look at me now I'm a travelling rag shop


Verse 3

I once had a table lined with good food
Of eating and drinking and all that was good
But now I have no table no friend not at all
I am forced to eat the crust with the crown of my hat.


Verse 4

For since you won't buy one I think I must leave
For to leave such good company it does my heart grieve
To leave you all here I think I must come back
For you will buy a case of needles from poor wandering Jack.