Verse 1

As I was going to Derby, 'twas on a market day,
I saw the finest ram sir, that was ever fed with hay.
This ram was fat behind sir, this ram was fat before.
This ram was ten yards high sir, I'm certain if he was not more.


That's a lie, that's a lie,
That's a tid I fa la lie.

Verse 2

Now the inside of this ram sir, would hold ten sacks of corn,
And you could turn a coach and six on the inside of his horn.


Verse 3

Now the wool upon his back sir, it reached up to the sky,
And in it was a crow's nest, for I heard the young ones cry.


Verse 4

Now the wool upon his belly sir, went dragging on the ground,
And that was took to Derby sir, and sold for ten thousand pound.


Verse 5

Now the man that fed the ram sir, he fed him twice a day,
And each time that he fed him sir, he ate a rick of hay.


Verse 6

Now the man that watered the ram sir, he watered him twice a day,
And each time that he watered him, he drank the river dry.


Verse 7

Now the butcher that killed the ram sir, was up to his knees in blood,
And the boy that held the bowl sir, got washed away in the flood.


Verse 8

Now all the boys in Derby sir, went begging for his eyes,
They kicked them up and down the street, for they were a good football size.


Verse 9

Now the man that fatted that ram sir, he must be very rich,
And the man that song the song sir, is a lying son of a bitch.


That's the truth, that's the truth,
That's the tid I fa la truth.