Betsy Baker


Verse 1

From the noise and bustle far away,
While I passed o'er each acre,
I never knew what 'twas to sigh,
Till I saw Betsy Baker.

Verse 2

At church I met her, dressed so neat,
One Sunday in hot weather;
With love I found my heart did beat,
As we sang psalms together.

Verse 3

When church was over out she walked,
And I did overtake her;
Determined I would not be baulked,
I spoke to Betsy Baker.

Verse 4

She blushed, and seemed too shy to talk,
But quickly I did make her;
Says I - "My dear, will you take a walk?"
"I shan't," says Betsy Baker.

Verse 5

At last she got acquainted with
A ramping, mad play actor;
He gammoned her to run away,
So I lost Betsy Baker.

Verse 6

My mother said, "'Twould ease my mind,
All quickly to forsake her;"
But I think all day, and dream all night,
About that Betsy Baker.