Chain of gold


Verse 1

Abroad as I was walking in the fields all alone,
I heard two lovers talking, telling tender tales of love;
They proved to be constant, and, forever to behold,
Before this couple parted they broke a chain of gold.

Verse 2

And when this chain was broken, all around her neck it twined;
Up stepped her ancient father, who oftimes walked behind:
And he flew in such a passion with his daughter and her swain,
And he swore by all who made them they would never meet again.

Verse 3

"For I'll send him to some Turkish seas, there for to roam,
He shall never come a-courting thee, nor to old England return;
And it's madam I'll confine thee to a closet in thy room,
I'll feed thee on bread and water once a day, and that's at noon."

Verse 4

"I want none of thy bread and water, nor nothing will I take,
Since my true love has died for me, I'll perish for his sake:"
Friends and neighbours fell a-weeping, but her life they could not save,
And now she lies a-sleeping in yonder shady grave.