Eynsham poaching song


Verse 1

Three Eynsham chaps went out one day,
To Lord Abingdon's Manor they made their way;
They took some dogs to catch some game,
And soon to Wytham Woods they came.

Verse 2

We had not long been beating there,
Before our spaniel put up a hare;
Up she jumped and away she ran,
At the very same time a pheasant sprang.

Verse 3

We had not beat the woods all through,
Before Barrett, the keeper, came in view;
When we saw the old beggar look,
We made our way to Cassington Brook.

Verse 4

When we got there 'twas full to the brim,
And you'd have laughed to see us swim;
Ten feet of water, if not more,
When we got out, our dogs came o'er.

Verse 5

Over hedges, ditches, gates and rails,
Our dogs followed after, behind our heels;
If he had catched us, say what you will,
He'd have sent us all to Abingdon Jail.