Farmer's daughter and her servant man


Verse 1

It's of a brisk and gay old farmer,
He had two sons and a daughter dear;
The servant man being much admired,
Not one in the world she loved so dear.

Verse 2

They asked him to go to a field of hunting,
He went without any fear nor strife,
And those two brothers they proved so cruel,
They took away this young man's life.

Verse 3

When they returned from the field of hunting,
The sister inquired for the servant man -
"Now brothers, tell me, because you whisper,
Now brothers tell me, if you can."

Verse 4

"Sister, sister, I much divine you,
To see you look so pale and wan;
We've left him in the field of hunting,
No more to be your servant man."

Verse 5

Then she rose early in the morning,
Early by the break of day;
She searched all round where there was no water,
And there she found his body lay.

Verse 6

And on his lips there was blood drying,
Tears more salt than any brine;
Three times she kissed him, loudly crying -
"Here lies the bosomest friend of mine."

Verse 7

Three nights and days she stood lamenting,
Till her poor heart was filled with woe;
Until sharp hunger came creeping on her,
And then off to home she was forced to go.

Verse 8

And those two brothers both were tried,
And were bound up in irons strong;
All for this murder they both were guilty,
All for this murder they both were hung.