I courted a bonny lass


Verse 1

I courted a bonny lass many a long day,
I hated all people that against her did say,
But now she's rewarded me well for my pains,
For she's going to be wed to another.

Verse 2

So, when I heard my true love asked in the church,
I rose from my seat and I sat in the porch,
Thought I to myself, "I am left in the lurch,
So adieu to my false love for ever!"

Verse 3

When I saw my love unto the church go,
Bride's men and bride's maidens they made a fine show,
And I followed after with my heart full of woe,
To see how my false love was guarded.

Verse 4

When I saw my love within the church stand,
Gold ring on her finger and love in her hand,
Thought I to myself, "If I could by her stand,
Although she is tied to another!"

Verse 5

When that I saw my true love dressed in her white,
The tears in my eyes quite dazzled my sight;
I picked up my hat and I wished them goodnight,
And adieu to my false love for ever!

Verse 6

The parson that named them so loudly did cry -
"All you that forbid it, I'd have you draw nigh."
Thought I to myself, "A good reason have I."
But I had not the heart to forbid it.

Verse 7

And when that I saw my love sat down to meat,
I sat myself by her, but nothing could eat;
For I loved her sweet company better than meat,
Although she was wed to another.

Verse 8

Now dig me a grave, long large, wide and deep,
And strew it all over with flowers so sweet;
That I may lie down, and take a long sleep,
For that's the right way to forget her.