Yorkshire bite


Verse 1

It’s of an old farmer who kept for his man,
A bright Yorkshire lad, as you well understand;
Said he – “Go and take this old cow to the fair,
She is in good order and that I will swear.”

Verse 2

Away went the cow with her head in a band,
And away went the lad as you well understand;
When he got to the fair he met with three men,
And sold the old cow for six pound ten.

Verse 3

Then he went to an alehouse, where he asked to drink,
And, counting his change, how the, money did clink!
“Oh, what am I to do with this money,” said he,
“For fear on the road some robbers might be.”

Verse 4

“Sew it in your coat-lining,” the landlord did say,
“Or you might be robbed upon the highway.” –
There sat an highwayman a-drinking his wine,
Said he to himself – “That money is mine.”

Verse 5

The lad he jumped up, and away he did go,
The highwayman quick followed after also;
“You’re well overtaken, young man,” he did say,
“You’re well overtaken all on the highway.”

Verse 6

“How far are you going?” the highwayman cried,
“Oh, it’s four or five miles,” the lad he replied;
“Oh, it’s four or five miles, for what I do know.”
“Then jump up behind, and away we will go.”

Verse 7

They rode till they came to a very dark lane,
Where there was no one to be heard nor be seen;
“Now deliver up thy money, without fear or strife,
Or else this very moment I’ll take thy sweet life.”

Verse 8

His hand in his pocket the money pulled out,
And among the long grasses he threw it about;
And while the highwayman told it in his purse,
The lad made no mention but rode off with his horse.

Verse 9

The highwayman holloed and begged him to stay,
But the lad would not listen, but kept on his way;
All home to his master, and to him did bring,
Horse, bridle and saddle – a very fine thing.

Verse 10

“Odzooks!” cried the farmer, “What’s this to my loss?
Odpox! What! My cow turned into a hoss?”
“Oh no my good master! Your cow I have sold,
But I have been robbed by some highwayman bold.”

Verse 11

They searched in the bags and within them they found,
Three handsome gold watches and four hundred pound;
And a brace of new pistols, I swear and I vow –
“So I think, my good master, I’ve well sold your cow.”

Verse 12

“And now my good lad, for thou’st been bold and rare,
Three parts of this money shall run to thy share;
And, since the highwayman has lost all his store,
So let him go robbing until he gets more.”