Around the grove as I was walking


Verse 1

Around the grove as I was walking,
And in the fields, where all was green,
'Twas there I heard two damsels talking,
Which made the small birds whistle and sing.

Verse 2

He said - "My dear, shall I enjoin you?
And for ever I'll prove true.
I hope a raging will destroy me,
If ever I should prove false to you."

Verse 3

"Although my name it is Maria,
I am a girl of high degree;
He courted me both late and early,
Until he had his will of me."

Verse 4

Although this fair and lovely creature,
She was invited to a ball,
Her jealous young man soon followed after,
It was to prove her overthrow.

Verse 5

He caught her dancing with another,
When jealousy fulfilled his mind;
And to destroy his own true lover,
This jealous young man he felt inclined.

Verse 6

A dose of poison he provided,
Mixed it with a glass of wine;
He gave it to his own true lover,
She drank it up with a cheerful mind.

Verse 7

And when she had no sooner drunk [drank] it -
"Pray take me home, my dear," said she;
"The glass of liquor you just gave me,
Has made me ill as ill can be."

Verse 8

As they were walking home together,
This wicked young man unto her did say;
"I gave you poison all in your liquor,
To take your tender life away."

Verse 9

"And I have drunk the same, my dearest,
I am as ill, as ill as thee" -
All in each other's arms they died,
Young girls be aware of jealousy.