Old brown ale


Verse 1

In comes the landlord, he looks so big,
With his high top hat and his curly wig;
He looks so big and so precious fat,
You and I must pray for that.


Old brown ale, thou art my darling,
Thou art my comfort, night and morning.

Verse 2

The brewer he brews it in the pan,
And the landlord sells it in the can,
But as for me, I'll play my part,
For I love thee dearly to my heart.


Verse 4

It ofttimes makes my friends my foes,
And likewise makes me pawn my clothes,
But whilst thou art so nigh my nose,
Come up, brown ale, and down it goes.


Verse 5

And if my wife does me despise,
I'll step up to her and black both her eyes,
But if she loves me as I love thee,
What a happy couple we shall be!


Verse 6

If all the son's of Adam's race,
Were to assemble in this place,
I'd just give thee hearty cheer
Before I'd part from thee, my dear!